Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Works for Me: laundry bags

Everybody does laundry, right? I must have more laundry baskets than anyone in the world - and we can never find an empty one! What is with that? Hmmm....maybe they've abducted all those socks we can't find!

A couple of months ago, Papa was complaining that he couldn't help me fold and put away the boy's clean laundry because he didn't know whose clothes were whose! Well! I'm sure I HAD to find a solution to that problem!

What we were doing: The boys had one dirty laundry basket in their room that they shared. This did make sorting clean laundry necessary. Despite the 3 1/2 years difference, they are closer in size than you think. Plus Candy Man is wearing the clothes that were Game Masters not too long ago - which makes it all the more confusing!

What works for me: I bought material off of the $1/yd table at WalMart and made laundry bags! I made a simple seam and put in a drawstring out of inexpensive roping. I let them choose their own fabric. It was very simple and inexpensive. Plus the bags hang in their closet taking up less floor space. And it helps keep their clothes seperate! Now, I just empty the bag into the washer - and throw in the bag to wash too!

Has Papa started helping with laundry? Well, I didn't say I was a miracle worker, now did I?


Mama Duck said...

Lovely idea ;).

Larae said...

Your boy is so cute! =)

What a fantastic idea. I need to remember this when I have kids!

Gabriela said...

Cute bag!

Slughorn said...

That is a wonderful tip!