Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another year older...

My sweet CandyMan celebrated his 8th birthday yesterday! The memories of "eight years ago today" were so great this weekend. He was born on Thanksgiving morning and I am so truly thankful for him!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Life Verse

I'm reading a book right now called "Six Secrets to a Powerful Quiet Time" in preparation for co-leading my single women's group. It is a 30 day journey to discover radical intimacy with God. She says to have a life verse. I think this may be mine - my verse and my prayer:

"I waited patiently for the Lord:

he turned to me and heard my cry.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,

out of the mud and mire;

he set my feet on a rock

and gave me a firm place to stand.

He put a new song in my mouth,

a hymn of praise to our God.

Many will see and fear

and put their trust in the LORD."

-- Psalm 40:1-3

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top of the Mountain!

I achieved something this weekend that I thought I'd NEVER be able to achieve! It was a huge accomplishment for me! I am thrilled (even if I am paying the consequences for it).

It all started in small group ("Daughters of the King" - for single women). One of the ladies in the group announced that there was a hike coming up on Saturday. I (accidently out loud) said, "I'd love to be able to do that!" Well, immediately my good friend Kendra said, "I'd be glad to keep your kids for you so that you can go."

Oh. Well. What excuse could I come up with not to do it now? I asked lots of questions to the man who was planning the hike. Yes, it was a hard trail. Yes, it was all up hill. Sure, he thought I could do it.

I knew it'd be a challenge, but I have been walking 2-3 miles 3-4 days a week for the last month. The hike was 2 miles up the mountain and 2 miles back down. How hard could it be??

So, with the children all settled, I met at the church a group of people (most in their young 20's, I might add). I volunteered to drive, since I had a van and could carry more people. So, off we went! It was a beautiful trip up past Gatlinburg. We drove through Townsend (the peaceful side of the Smokies). It was gorgeous! Breath-taking.

We arrived at the trailhead excited! A few of us were a little nervous, but mostly pumped about the day and the beautiful weather. As we headed off, we saw a few people completing the hike - huffing and puffing. (I'm thinking, they just did the easy part of the hike - coming DOWN the mountain!???) A young guy on the trip commented, "Uh-oh. She's out of breath. I'm in trouble." I stay brave...

It was hard. As in the sign said "strenuous". It wasn't kidding. The first mile was all uphill. Pretty steep at some points. The second mile was almost all STEPS. And I don't mean paved steps (somehow that sounds easier to me, I don't know why!). It was jagged rock steps. My legs would just go numb/weak at some points and I couldn't take another step up. I wasn't alone with this struggle (thankfully). We had to stop and take recovery breaks. But I was determine to get to the top! And so I pushed on.

Finally, we made it to the top of the mountain and what was before us? A huge rock wall! I had seen pictures of this wall online and decided that I wasn't going to climb that part. But once I got there, I let myself feel some pressure to do it. After all, the group's plan was to climb to the top and eat lunch up there! So I started climbing...

Now I have to add right here that I am TERRIFIED of heights. Like, I can't go past the 2nd step on a ladder. Like, my boys had a loft in the room in our last house and I never went up there (couldn't - it was too high). So, this was yet another challenge to overcome my fear of heights. And yet I climbed...

I climbed over halfway up the wall and realized something. I had accomplished my goal to get to the top of the mountain. This wall thing was only a dangerous feat for me to attempt. I wouldn't regret finishing the climb. I'd be proud of myself for making a wise decision to protect myself for my family's sake. And so, I backed down the cliff and waited at the bottom with some other people who were waiting too.

I thought the worst part was over and the going down the mountain would be a breeze. It was easier, I will say that. But it was hard on my sore legs too. They felt like spaghetti that would give out at any moment. But they didn't. And I made it back to the car.

I made new friends that day. I got to know old friends better. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather. I praised my God. And I accomplished a dream.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Enough of that - Look at me!

Okay, enough grumpy already. GuitarHero just took my 3 month picture. The biggest change I see this month is in my face!! Here are the "before" face picture and the "3 month" face picture. I think it says everything!



I admit it - I'm grumpy!

Okay, I admit it. I am grumpy! I realized it this morning when GuitarHero and I were have a word battle this morning (that is a nice way to say "yelling at each other"). I've just been mad the last few days. I can't even really tell you why. It's not like there's been one thing that made me mad. It is silly, really.

Oh! I know what it is! Selfishness. I haven't gotten my way. Things keep happening that change my plans. I don't like that. I don't handle that very well. It is one of the things in the past that would've pushed me to eat. I can't eat anymore. Maybe that makes me mad too.

My dishwasher has been broken for a month. The guy finally came to look at it on Monday and said he'd order the part and be back in a couple of WEEKS to fix it. I'm tired of washing dishes. (Like I don't have anything else to do!)

I was stuck at home 2 days last week with sick children. Now CandyMan has been home every day this week. Yep, he's still home today. After a doctor's visit this morning I found out that really he is all better. His current symptoms are due to introducing milk products too soon during the stomach virus. I thought it was the BRATY (banana, rice, applesauce, toast, yogurt) diet I was suppose to give him. Apparently it is the BRAT diet. Yogurt wasn't a good choice... I'll leave you to your imagination.

I haven't been able to exercise for 2 1/2 weeks. I was so sick coughing and couldn't breath enough to walk and now that I'm better, I have a 7 year old home sick and still can't go. I need the exercise - trust me. It'd do the stress good. It'd make me feel better too. (On a brighter note, I've been lifting weights from home and am getting some arm muscles!)

Monday was the monthly Prayer Walk at the kid's school. I really enjoy this each month as I get to walk through the entire school and pray at each classroom door. It is something I look forward to. Didn't get to do it this month.

I have really wanted to help in GuitarHero's class this week with a project they are doing. His teacher asked my help on Friday and I've postponed it every day. It is due Friday...she found someone else to do it. I was really looking forward to it!

Worst of all, GuitarHero's teacher sent a note home yesterday saying he had 2 assignments that he had known about for 1-2 weeks, but had not begun. He also had not told me about either one! He continues to have late assignments and I don't know how to handle it anymore. I've prayed and asked for God's guidance, but don't have an answer yet. I'm definitely frustrated in this situation. It is so hard being a single parent and not having someone to at least "think out loud" through things.

I have been on my knees 3 times in the last 24 hours. My mood is irritable. I can usually handle these little things at this point in my life. I thought maybe my blood pressure was back up, but it isn't. I need an attitude check!

Now I've been on hold for 30 minutes to get through to our insurance company and just got hung up on!!
Lately I have been talking about being real with others - telling it like it is - good or bad. So...there it is! My reality today. Nobody is perfect...

Monday, November 03, 2008

What a Treat!

Halloween was so much more fun this year for me! I will never forget last year - getting off work late, trying to dress my kids so quickly and rushing, rushing (and crying the whole time). Things are so much better this year! For starters, we arrived home much earlier with time for dinner and taking our time getting costumes on. Much more fun!

We visited three local churches for the Trunk and Treats. Most of the cars were decorated in biblical themes. That was really neat. They got so much candy, we won't need any more until next year! They ran into some of last year's school friends. They ate lots of junk (hot dogs, chips, hot chocolate and of course, candy). We all laughed and played around. It was just pure fun!

My little Missy Prissy was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Well, she was "Dorofy" if you asked her! Her costume was beautiful. She won the costume contest at our church's fall festival on Wednesday night!

CandyMan was a cow! If you knew him as a younger thing, you know that his security item was a stuffed Chick-Fil-A cow. He still collects them and loves them.

GuitarHero was indecisive this year. He's in middle school now. He knows that dressing up is fun, but maybe he's too old? I don't think so, of course! I don't think you are ever too old to dress up!! So at the last minute he chose to wear a "graduation" gown that I had to sell in my eBay store. He played the part of a Judge! I think he is glad he dressed up!

Well, despite having a busy day of plans today, I am home working instead. CandyMan finally got the stomach virus that the other two had last week! He's feeling a little better this morning, but is going to rest today.