Monday, November 03, 2008

What a Treat!

Halloween was so much more fun this year for me! I will never forget last year - getting off work late, trying to dress my kids so quickly and rushing, rushing (and crying the whole time). Things are so much better this year! For starters, we arrived home much earlier with time for dinner and taking our time getting costumes on. Much more fun!

We visited three local churches for the Trunk and Treats. Most of the cars were decorated in biblical themes. That was really neat. They got so much candy, we won't need any more until next year! They ran into some of last year's school friends. They ate lots of junk (hot dogs, chips, hot chocolate and of course, candy). We all laughed and played around. It was just pure fun!

My little Missy Prissy was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Well, she was "Dorofy" if you asked her! Her costume was beautiful. She won the costume contest at our church's fall festival on Wednesday night!

CandyMan was a cow! If you knew him as a younger thing, you know that his security item was a stuffed Chick-Fil-A cow. He still collects them and loves them.

GuitarHero was indecisive this year. He's in middle school now. He knows that dressing up is fun, but maybe he's too old? I don't think so, of course! I don't think you are ever too old to dress up!! So at the last minute he chose to wear a "graduation" gown that I had to sell in my eBay store. He played the part of a Judge! I think he is glad he dressed up!

Well, despite having a busy day of plans today, I am home working instead. CandyMan finally got the stomach virus that the other two had last week! He's feeling a little better this morning, but is going to rest today.

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KSchnoorRN said...

Dorofy is sooo cute!