Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Guitar Hero was given an essay to write about the person he respects the most. Here is his paper:

“My Mom”
By Guitar Hero

If I could pick one person that I respect most it would be my mom. I would pick my mom because she is good at cooking, sewing, and spending.

She is amazing at cooking. She could cook anything as long as you gave her the recipe for it.

She is also good at sewing. She has sewed just about every costume that we have had. That is good because Halloween is coming up soon. It is also good because she can fix a lot of our clothes back together, which is helpful if our uniform breaks.

She is also good at spending. You have to know a lot about prices to be a good spender. Being a good spender means we get a lot more money.

She is also good at other things like caring, loving and being healthy. My mom is great and I hope you think she is too. Maybe if you get to know her you would like her just as much.

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KSchnoorRN said...

God is just showing you what a wonderful Mom you are. I am so thankful!!!!