Monday, October 27, 2008

I've made another goal!!

The main reason that I started this weight loss journey was to get healthy. I was taking a handful of medications every day and hated that! I wanted to be off of the medicines that I could get off of. And now I officially have.

I went off of blood pressure medication immediately after surgery and haven't needed it since. (My BP today at the doctor was 119/80) The next medication I was able to quit was Singulair - for allergies/breathing. The last medication I wanted off of was for high cholesterol. I was retested last week and got those results back today. I've never heard of anyone's cholesterol being this low!! I'm free from another pill! Yay!

My results compared to a year ago (both on the same medication):

Cholesterol 9/07 (185) now (85) (ideal is <200)

LDL (bad cholesterol) 9/07 (102) now (39) (ideal is <130)

Triglycerides 9/07 (252) now (63) (ideal is <150)

Wooo-hooooo!! Here is my picture from last week. I'll be taking a new one this week since it will be my 3 month anniversary!

Now if I can just get rid of this laryngitis!

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Pam said...

Look at you, you beautiful lady! I am so hopping up and down on your behalf . . . not too much, or I'll wet my pants : )

Reading about your journey brings me joy, and I am so happy for you.

Looking great in my favorite color . . . pink! Can't wait to see your new photo for this week.

Have a blessed day, dear friend!