Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The scoop on "daddy"

For the first time in a long time, GameMaster asked to call his daddy tonight. I've made a promise to never tell him no to this. And so I let him. They talked for over an hour. Mostly about SpongeBob episodes, I heard some joke telling, even some laughter. Never anything too serious. GameMaster was fine with it and I even heard him tell his daddy a couple times that he missed him.

CandyMan came in from playing outside and got to talk for a few minutes too. He's sort of oblivious...talked for a few minutes and then wanted off to get a snack.

He gave me the phone when he was done. He and I actually talked for a few minutes. I asked a lot of questions... Does Ashley have children? Has she been married before? How old is she? Does she want children? Have you set a date for the "wedding"? Where are you getting married? (Oh, did I tell you he's had a girlfriend? That he is living with her? And they are getting married? Yes, we've only been divorced for a month, you aren't mistaken...)

The answers were... no, no children. no, not married before. 23 (just!). yes, she wants children, but not for awhile. Yes, September 22 (this year!). In Gatlinburg.

Well, that is enough information for me for now.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I just can't get a break!

I was so excited this morning. Tomorrow is my birthday. This afternoon my mom was going to take my three little ducklings and pay for me to have my hair done (not just a quick cut like I try to slide into my schedule every 6-12 months!). I had actually found a babysitter (finally!) and was going out to dinner with a friend. It was all setup. What could go wrong!?

CandyMan threw up. Twice in the last hour. He's sick. Oh well. Cancelled the hair appointment. Cancelled mom. Cancelled the babysitter. Cancelled the friend. Going to stick around here all weekend and hold the bucket instead...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A better weekend!

This weekend was so much better than last weekend. Last weekend was spent at home with a dead car battery and a child in much pain! CandyMan's habits caught up with him and he ended up with three abscessed teeth and having to have surgery on Tuesday to fix him up. He's much better now.

We had friends over to play Friday night and to spend the night Saturday night. Today, we went to church and then to my parents...Grandma and Grandpa's house. They have bought a new pontoon boat! We had a picnic, went for a boat ride, swam in the lake, swam in their pool and ate homemade ice cream! What a day! It was beautiful too - just extremely hot!!

Back to the real world tomorrow... but it was a nice weekend!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We are Family!

Okay, so here is the good picture from my family reunion. I kinda like the silly picture better!! Ha! Click on the picture to enlarge it, if you want!

My wonderful family!

How can you beat a crazy family like this!?