Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We are Family!

Okay, so here is the good picture from my family reunion. I kinda like the silly picture better!! Ha! Click on the picture to enlarge it, if you want!


eBay Gal in Tennessee said...

Got your message but I can't respond because I don't have your email. Send me an email at Hope to hear from you soon!
LA :)

Karen Neal said...

Richelle ~ Hey girl! It's Karen Neal. I have been reading your blog and I am so sorry. Would love to talk to you. I miss you and so does Emily. E-mail me if you have a chance.
Love you!

Chelsie's Blog said...

That is a good picture of you guys i like the funny one to!
Also does jackson have an email
if he does email me
hope to see you soon
love you ,