Sunday, August 12, 2007

A better weekend!

This weekend was so much better than last weekend. Last weekend was spent at home with a dead car battery and a child in much pain! CandyMan's habits caught up with him and he ended up with three abscessed teeth and having to have surgery on Tuesday to fix him up. He's much better now.

We had friends over to play Friday night and to spend the night Saturday night. Today, we went to church and then to my parents...Grandma and Grandpa's house. They have bought a new pontoon boat! We had a picnic, went for a boat ride, swam in the lake, swam in their pool and ate homemade ice cream! What a day! It was beautiful too - just extremely hot!!

Back to the real world tomorrow... but it was a nice weekend!


Chelsie's Blog said...

i am glad you guys had a
good weekend!
sounds really funny i love ridding in boats!
send me yhe picture i would love to see it lol!
love ya,

eBay Gal in Tennessee said...

I'm so glad that you guys had a great weekend. You definitely needed it! Glad candyman is doing better - that was probably not fun! Email me when you get a chance!
Love ya!
LA :)

meLanie said...

Sounds like lots of fun, boating and homemade ice cream, the joys of summer!!
poor little guy- praying that he is doing better!