Sunday, July 20, 2008

Breakfast with a childhood friend!

I have recently reconnected with a childhood friend. It's been amazing! We were friends from the time I was 9 yrs until 15 yrs old. We were neighbors actually - on a great street full of kids our age. We haven't seen or spoken to each other since early high school!
We met yesterday morning and had a quick breakfast together! She was in town visiting her mom. We hope to do it again sometime!
The coolest thing is this - she is a Christian. She became a Christian just a few years ago. We have a lot in common too!
Anyway, it was really neat to get caught up with her. I look forward to building that friendship again!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Guitar Hero Answers!

Finally we have some answers about some of Guitar Hero's weird symptoms! It all adds up! But it took a very scary event for us to get there.

Remember - since January he's called me from school several times saying that he's had an episode where he can't see and everything turns green. He was also sent home at least 3 days after vomiting at school - and then seemed fine soon after coming home. I was really getting to the point of thinking it was psychosomatic - brought on by stress. It was really frustrating how many days this child didn't feel well.

I thought once school was over, he'd improve drastically. Well, he hasn't really. He has days when he doesn't feel like doing anything but sitting still and watching TV. He just honestly doesn't feel well, but can't really tell me what feels bad. But if I try to push him to play or go somewhere, it isn't pretty.

Last week we were running a few errands (me and three little ducklings). Guitar Hero was in one of his really cranky moods and was complaining that his head hurt. He was very irritable with all of us.

The last stop was at the grocery store. We were done shopping and in the check out line. All of a sudden, he reaches his hands out and says, "Mom, it's happening again! I can't see anything! Everything is green!" He's swaying around like he might fall and I get close to him to hold him. About that time, he starts to go down. He had no control of his body - he was passing out on me! I held him up and kept saying his name. Several Food City employees came over to help. Then he said, "Mom, I think I'm going to throw up." I grabbed a bag and held it for him while he heaved. It was all I could do to keep him on his feet. His face was white! It was so scary! One employee wheeled up a wheelchair so he could sit down. Another one came running from the deli with a cup of ice. His face then turned green.

It was so terrifying! He got to feeling better after a few minutes. Food City was so great to help! CandyMan helped the man get our groceries into the car. I wheeled Guitar Hero to the car and helped him in. I got him a banana to eat right away.

We went on home, but scheduled an appointment with his doctor for first thing in the morning. His pediatricians (have I said before how great they are!?) both examined him thoroughly. It was determined that he is having migraine headaches with auras. I hate to hear this for him, but I am glad to know what has been going on with him!

We are keeping a "headache journal". This will be helpful to the doctors in determining what kind of treatment he needs. We have been warned to expect some problems once school starts in the fall, due to stress.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What a great summer day!

We've had a great Independence Day weekend, for the most part. The only bad part about it is that Guitar Hero has been feeling poorly. He was diagnosed with migraines on Wednesday (after having a terrifying episode in Food City on Tuesday). He's been coughing and tired ever since. So, I don't think his weekend was very good!
We spent the 4th (Friday) in the pool at my parents. We celebrated the holiday with a fun street party cook out with fireworks. Half the neighborhood was there. Very fun! It was a great day. Then we went back again today. Sometimes you just want to do it all. Today was one of those days!
We began the day with a boat ride. Mom and Dad traded their fish-n-ski boat for a pontoon boat last summer. It is great for taking rides in. I keep trying to talk them into getting a tube to pull the kids behind the boat. I don't know why they haven't?? Guitar Hero went with us for this excursion, but he fell asleep on my shoulder. CandyMan and Missy Prissy took turns driving (with Grandpa's help, of course).
Then we came in for a picnic. Mom cut open a watermelon and it turned out to be one of those newer yellow watermelons. She was so disappointed - she'd been looking forward to a juicy red watermelon all weekend. So she closed her eyes and ate it (pretending it was red). It was actually very good! CandyMan has twice had an allergic reaction to watermelon (last summer). He ate this watermelon and had no reaction! Interesting, huh? He was thrilled, since it was so good!
Then we spent the afternoon in the pool. It was a very hot day which makes a perfect day to lay in the water all afternoon! It was relaxing and refreshing! Mom always stocks the outside fridge with popsicles and various ice cream treats - and NEVER says no if you ask for one. CandyMan had 2 popsicles and 3 ice cream sandwiches, Missy Prissy had 4 popsicles and 1 ice cream sandwich. Of course, that doesn't include the cokes and sprites they were freely given! They love it!
Now we are home. Two children are whipped by all the fun and sun. One is just whipped from being ill (poor guy). It was a great 3 day weekend! Hope yours was too!