Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God is growing me!

God is growing me in so many ways right now. For starters, I have said for years that I would never get married again and don't want anything to do with men. One year ago, He told me that He may have another plan for me - and for my little ducklings. I was "kicking and screaming" about it then too! But He has changed my attitude about it. AND now, He has sent me an incredibly godly man (we'll call him "Joseph" for now). I am enjoying getting to know him more. It is the sweetest thing to be in a relationship with a man who cares more about pleasing God than anything else.

God is also growing me in my relationship with Him. He has been showing me that I am lacking in my freedom of worship. I have felt this "bondage" before and was set free when I went to a new church and experienced worship at another level. I am seeking after God to show me His will and set me free to worship Him deeper. And yet, as He shows me, I hesitate. It is out of my comfort zone. But isn't that just like God - to stretch us?

Last night "Joseph" came over for dinner and brought a DVD to watch together about this. Afterwards, we had a great discussion about it. When he left, I was able to have a time of prayer, repentance, and seeking after God for truth. As I went to bed, I read a devotion that said this...

"Come on! We have seen that the land is very good. Aren't you going to do something? Don't hesitate to go there and take it over...God has put into your hands, a land that lacks nothing whatever." --Judges 18:9-10

"Come on!" This command indicates that there is something definite for us to do and that nothing is ours unless we take it.
How much of God's Word have you received and endorsed, and of how much have you been able to say, "This has been done in my life"? By how many of His promises have you signed your name and said, "This has been fulfilled to me"?

It goes on to say...

"Do not miss your inheritance through your own neglect."
I feel like God is reminding me that I need to seek after Him on this and that I could miss something so good - by my own neglect. I don't want that! I don't want to miss a blessing He has for me!
Yes, growing can be painful, but it can be so sweeeeeet too!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Traditions

My family has had a tradition that we have celebrated on Christmas every year since I was born. We spent Christmas Eve with my mom's family in KY. We had spaghetti (no, we aren't italian) and salad bar for dinner. Opened presents and enjoyed each other until late into the night.

This year, we have lost 3 family members. The first one was my grandmother, then my uncle (my mom's brother) and then another uncle (my mom's brother-in-law). Sadly, noone is in the Christmas spirit. We are not gathering for our traditional Christmas Eve celebration.

Many people have had a difficult year this year, perhaps financially with the recession (I sure have!). But I encourage you to remember the "reason for the season". We enjoy our traditions and celebrations at Christmas, but remember the very first Christmas. That is what it is all about. We can celebrate Jesus' birthday anywhere. Yes, it will be different. It won't be about presents (who can afford any?). It won't be about food (I can't eat any! lol). It won't be about extended family (they are doing their own thing). But, it's okay. It WILL be about my Savior's Birthday. That is what it is supposed to be about!

Have a Happy Jesus' Birthday!