Saturday, August 18, 2007

I just can't get a break!

I was so excited this morning. Tomorrow is my birthday. This afternoon my mom was going to take my three little ducklings and pay for me to have my hair done (not just a quick cut like I try to slide into my schedule every 6-12 months!). I had actually found a babysitter (finally!) and was going out to dinner with a friend. It was all setup. What could go wrong!?

CandyMan threw up. Twice in the last hour. He's sick. Oh well. Cancelled the hair appointment. Cancelled mom. Cancelled the babysitter. Cancelled the friend. Going to stick around here all weekend and hold the bucket instead...


Lookin' Up said...

UGGGG!!!! Maybe you can reschedule for next week...I am so sorry that you have to deal with sickness on top of everything else.

Praying for a breather soon. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Peach said...

Bless your heart, friend! I've done my own clean up/bucket holding in the past couple of days.

Praying for you and for Candy Man. Also praying that no one else in your house catches the bug. We're still trying to get over it.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!

Chelsie's Blog said...

Hey ,
I hope you have a good b-day today
love you,

meLanie said...

awww, stink! but happy belated birthday! hopefully you can reschedule and still enjoy it! i know so many people ( including my husband) with birthdays the 16,17, and 18. must be a special time of year! praying for a quick recovery and for strength for you!!