Friday, October 24, 2008

We should just call it "Sick Break"

CandyMan was sick for Spring Break. Now I am sick for Fall Break. No fun!

I've been fighting a cold all week. On Wednesday I went to the doctor to have my cholesterol rechecked and was offered a flu shot. Well, sure! Let's go ahead with that while I'm here. I was planning on taking the kids to the health department when I got home to get all of our shots there anyway.

When I arrived home CandyMan had a low grade fever and wasn't feeling well. I realized that he shouldn't have the flu shot since he wasn't feeling well. That was when I realized that maybe I shouldn't have had the shot either, since I hadn't been feeling great. Too late. I was sick by that evening.

Last night, I got to go sit in the hot tub with Lisa for a couple hours! It seems like so long since we've gotten to talk. It was so good to see her! I was hoping the steam effect would help my sinuses too. I think it did. And the whole experience enabled me to have a good night sleep.

But this morning I woke up completely unable to talk. And I do mean completely. I can whisper. But that is all. It is pitiful. I also have felt terrible. I get dizzy when I stand up. No fever though (thankfully!). So I've pretty much laid around on the couch watching TV all day. If you know me at all, you know that this is very rare for me - and that I have NOT enjoyed it. TV is so stupid (that is probably why I get dizzy when I stand up! ha!).

Well, I'm going to tough it out and go to The Well tonight anyway. I'm just going to go armed with plenty of liquids and maybe a sign that says "I can't talk, but I do love you". I'll just be a good listener tonight...

Hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow! We have some fun plans for the next 2 days and I want to enjoy them! CandyMan has a football game in the morning. We are going to Lisa's family's annual Haunted Forest Party tomorrow night. I'm leading Daughters of the King small group on Sunday morning, church, then a birthday party for a special lady Sunday night. Fun stuff! I hope...

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