Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Curb appeal!

My good friend, D-too, called this morning and gave me a good tip! She's heard Dave Ramsey on the radio encourage people when selling their home to have good "curb appeal". D-too suggested to me that I could buy some annual flowers pretty cheap right now and spruce up the front flower beds, giving our home more "curb appeal".

So today, I did just that! A little trip to Lowes, about $20 bucks, and I have purty flowers in my front yard! Plus, I'll enjoy them while we are here!

I did show the house this afternoon to a college student. He seemed interested and felt we had it very reasonably priced compared to other houses he'd looked at. Very encouraging!

Thanks D-too for your advice!


Reverberate58 said...

Since you have already bought flowers what I am about to suggest might not matter. But yellow is a very friendly color and I heard/read somewhere that is the color to show in your curb appeal!

I sure hope things move along soon for you!

Tennessee Mama said...

Oh well! They didn't have yellow anyway! Just white and purple. The purple was pretty, but dark in color and I thought the mulch would just hide them. That's why I went with white!