Monday, July 31, 2006

Out of the Loop!

Man! Have I been out of the loop! It was such a busy week last week, I didn't get to blog or read anyone's blog! Please forgive me!

It was really an incredibly wonderful week! It began with an unexpected visit from Just Peachy. We had a late night gab session that was so sweet! We used to have these more frequently, and it was so good to get to do it again!!

The next three days I was busy with "Thelma"! It was her last week off from surgery and we spent a lot of time together - rocking and talking on the porch, and shopping! We had a great time bargain hunting at the mall (and found some really great deals!). It was so good to spend the time together before she goes back to work ... and before we move.

No, it hasn't sold yet, but we are still trying. I think we are getting ready to put an ad in the newspaper for it...

On Wednesday, I got Princess enrolled in preschool. Then I went to a meeting that connected my church to the Community for Healthy Babies team. I'm so excited about that! The women at my church are going to be taking on a project by helping with the Community Baby Showers that I've been a part of for a couple years! Wooo-hooo!!

I went to the doctor for a check-up on Thursday. Enough said about that...

Friday, I went to my church for our monthly scrapbooking crop. I got 6 pages done and had a nice catch-up evening with AnnieBeth (which was overdue).

Saturday was one of the best days of my life! I'll have to tell you more about that one later! So much fun, I'm still reeling from it!!

Sunday was church and out to my parents to swim!

I feel like a zombie today! I'm cleaning house and doing laundry. Well, no, actually I'm blogging, aren't I? Well, the laundry is going....


Peach said...

Thanks for all the cool comments today. I feel extra-specially loved!

Can't wait to hear about Saturday. Just leave me hangin', girlfriend!

Glad you had time to catch up and do all those wonderful things last week. Keep the updates comin'. I love reading about what's going on with you.

Reverberate58 said...

Seems you had a very busy week indeed! Still haven't posted too much about mine but I am working up too it! Still trying to figure the pictures pages out! Looking forward to your weekend update!