Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moving right along...

Well, things are moving right pun intended!

I had told you that our house was for sale and that we had found a house we'd love to purchase as well. The owner of that house called us Sunday night! We are very excited about that call! We returned to the home yesterday for an indoor tour for Papa. The greatest news is that they are willing to wait for us to sell our home!

We did get a call yesterday evening and a lady came to look at our house that we are trying to sell. I don't think she was interested, but it gives hope just showing it!

So things are "moving" right along! Every step along the way, we've been able to see God's Hand in the plans. I am thankful for that! Everytime we make a big decision like this, I always feel the need for God's confirmation that we are in His will. I feel good about that right now!

For those of you that know us personally and have been asking... the new house is here! We are NOT leaving town! And thank you for your concern that you'd miss us! We love you!

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Reverberate58 said...

This is good news! Sometimes things just work as they should. I will keep you in my prayers that someone buys your house soon!