Monday, May 08, 2006

The Shopping Girls!

After church yesterday, I decided to go on a much needed shopping spree for myself some clothes. As Papa had worked late the night before, and he was lying on the coach "resting his eyes", and I knew the inevitable nap was coming... I decided it best to take Pretty Princess with me.

I admit that I was a bit bummed, really wanting to go off on my own. But I really didn't want to deal with the repercussions of leaving her at home with a sleeping Papa! So off we went...

Upon arriving at our first stop, she immediately started throwing a fit (of course, it was after we walked into the front doors)! So we went right to the bathroom for a little "talk". After that she was a little doll! When we left that store (with a pair of capris and a shirt for me and two outfits for her!), she said "let's go somewhere else, Mommy!" And so we did!

Once again, she went very willingly, especially enjoying playing in front of the mirror while I tried on clothes! We left that store with two pairs of capris for me! She walked just like the big girl she is out to the car, saying, "Let's go somewhere else, Mommy!" And so we did!

In this last store, she was really getting the hang of it. She'd look at different pieces of clothing and say, "Oh, Mommy! This is so beautiful! You should get this!" "Oh, Mommy!" "Look at this, Mommy!" "This is so pretty!" It was so funny. The lady working at the store mentioned that they were hiring if Princess was interested... We left this store with a pair of shorts for me.

I told Pretty Princess that I was done and it was time to go home and make dinner for the boys. She flipped her backpack up on her shoulder and took off swinging those hips to the car!

She talked all the way home about how much she loved shopping! It was a wonderful bonding moment for her and I. This morning, she is still talking about it! I actually don't care much for shopping, but obviously my sweet girl does!! And she actually made it more fun for me! What in the world are we going to do when she is a teenager!? We are in so much trouble!!


Peach said...

Your princess is introducing you to all the fun you've been missing all these years! How wonderful that God has given you a "second chance", so to speak, at being a girly girl -- even if it is vicariously through your Pretty Princess.

I'd like to do some shopping of my own soon. Maybe while the Maw Maw is here this coming weekend!

Jennifer said...

sweet story! sounds like fun!

janice said...

SOOOOOO Cute! And ya - those teenage years with girls can be a tad expensive. There were three of us on our family - our poor parents - well they were definitely poorer after all our shopping trips!

Reverberate58 said...

Yes if she is bonding and liking it now look out when she gets to the girly teen years. Then the real fun begins! Sounds like you had a great time.

Tater and Tot said...

I think that maybe she loved the
"experience" of "shopping" with her Mama more than the "shopping experience." It's so great that, even if it wasn't your original plan, it turned out to be a great day! I hope you and your little one will be able to do it again sometime!

Jennifer said...

My dad used to fall asleep when he should've been watching us. My mom tells a story about coming home and finding us in the kitchen with the refridgerator door open and all the contents dropped, squirted, broken and spread all over the floor and me and my sister. I wish I could remember that. I bet it was fun til Mom got home.