Friday, May 12, 2006

We are Color Coordinated!

Is your family color-coordinated!? Mine is! My poor dears!

Early in life, each child chose their favorite color and it has stuck! It works out really well! Here is "their colors":

Game Master is BLUE.

Candy Man is GREEN.

Pretty Princess is PINK.

This way, there is no mixing up of toothbrushes, cups, notebooks, pencil cases, backpacks, or anything else they need help distinguishing! It works great for them and for me! Here are the boy's new notebooks/good deal finds from Big Lots!


Peach said...

You know our kids have signature colors, too! Libbyline is pink, Sweetcheeks is purple, and of course-- JD Green is green.

Reverberate58 said...

When Joshua and I had to start sharing with others I came up with the color system for when we had the two youngest Step daughters around. Worked for about 1 year. Those girls could change colors faster than I could find things in the first colors they picked. Joshua has and will always love green!!

Happy Mother's Day

Peach said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Happy Birthday, Game Master! Hope ya'll had a wonderful day.

janice said...

that is great idea!

I am an identical twin and if you ask most twins - they are color labeled. Sue was the blue shades and I was the red shades. (neither of us was into pink). I hated it cause I always wanted the blue.

now that my twin has a baby girl - we LOVE pink. I just have one boy - so it is blue over here. LOL finally got my blue!

Karen said...

hee hee. mine aren't color coordinated stuff wise, but often we all dress in the same colors. usually not on purpose...