Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm thankful...a bit early!

Rather than my weekly "Thursday Thanks Tank", I'm sharing my biggest joy today - on a Wednesday! Shhh! I know! Big shock! I'm thankful on the wrong day!! But tomorrow has been deemed "Family Spring Cleaning Day", which leads to two blogging problems: 1) probably won't get the opportunity to blog, and 2) probably won't be extremely thankful (at least until it is done!).

But this is BIG! No, I mean really BIG!!

My oldest, Game Master, got baptized! He received Christ as his Lord and Saviour two years ago, the day before Mother's Day. He chose Mother's Day (which was also his birthday) to be baptized! My husband, "Papa", did the 'dunking'. It was a big day! A day I will never forget!

Here is Game Master telling of his love for Jesus and proud Papa getting ready to do the honors...

Here I am posing for a quick picture before the actual event. I'm just so proud of him!! He was so excited!

On a similar note, I am still elevated from Sunday's Mother's Day message at church! It was so inspiring and uplifting, and yet challenging! I was reminded of the guilt that we put on ourselves as moms! (Okay, you know who you are! I just talked to you today and you were really kicking yourself for letting your child watch TV so much this afternoon because you were exhausted!) He also talked about the high expectations that we frequently put on ourselves to be everything to everybody all the time. He reminded us to not get our 'image' from the mirror. He told us of how God wants us to rely on Him for everything we need, for everything our families need. He encouraged us to leave free - free of all that binds us, free from the world's idealisms. It truly was freeing! I hope you are free too!

You can hear this special message "The Female Factor" - here. (just click on the "audio" under "Female Factor")


Tater and Tot said...

Congratulations for Game Master! There is nothing greater for a parent to be able to reap the rewards of your labor. This proves what a wonderful example and teacher you all have been! I'm so excited for your family!

Peach said...

I'm now wiping away the mist from my eyes. Our girls made the same decision this time last year, and I was overwhelmed to see the actual prayers I'd prayed even before they were born being answered in that simple act of obedience on their parts.

What a precious mother's day gift, my dear friend!!

I'm headed to listen to that sermon sometime soon.

Reverberate58 said...

A wonderful Mother's Day and a blessing. How sweet! And thanks for the slow down message. I am only doing the things I have to do. Some of those I hope I can do. I am off to a pretty good start today and have already finished one on the list! Have a great day and hug that boy for me.

meLanie said...

great blog. God is incredible. our 7 year old wants to get baptised in june. what a special mother's day!

Everyday Mommy said...

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Jennifer said...

yay! Congratulations. I can't wait to tell him soon in person!