Monday, May 01, 2006

Family moments

I worked my one day on Wednesday last week. Papa wanted to treat us all to dinner that evening (thus eliminating the problem of who is going to cook after the difficult-for-both-of-us day!). We went to Calhouns - an East Tennessee favorite. We decided to take the family to the "on the river" location. We enjoyed a good meal.

The evening was a bit chilly, but it was such a beautiful and peaceful evening that we couldn't resist a walk down "Volunteer Landing". The children ran and climbed on everything. They tempted the water fountains to get them, and were actually successful in not getting wet (has to be a first!).

It was just so nice to have those few moments of relaxation in our busy lives. I so wish we had more of them. You know, when we just stop and enjoy each other. All five of us together.

This is my sweet three. I love them so much. They are especially sweet in pictures, when they seem so still! It is a rare moment when they are all placid! If fact, I can't think of a time...

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Reverberate58 said...

What a wonderful treat for you and the family. And as I've said before they have such happy sweet smiles.