Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thanks Tank #8 (filling up the tank with thanks)

This week my thankfuls all start with "B"!

Thank you, my Lord, for:

1. Buddy Bashes! I went out with "Thelma" on Friday night! We spent TWO hours at Big Lots finding all kinds stuff before going to dinner together!

2. Blessed Bargains! We found all kinds of good deals, since we obviously had the time to look for them!!

3. Bizarre Bits! You know, that store has some of the strangest things sometimes! You just look at it and think, "what in the world is this? and what would you do with it?" We have fun laughing together!

4. Bedlam! We were crazy ladies! We'd stop in the aisles to talk awhile (sorry if you were the one who was so irritated because we were in your way!). Some may have thought we were being childish, but it was fun!

5. Bad Business! I don't remember a time when I've ever gotten such poor service! It really was awful! I had to go track down our own silverware, and refills on drinks! Even the manager was rude! We finally just had to laugh about it! It gave us many funny stories to tell later!

6. Blah Baked Bites! The food really wasn't good either! Our baked potatoes were overcooked, but cold! Oooooey! But again, we just had to laugh about it!

7. Baseball! I have loved watching my boys play baseball this year! They both had good games on Saturday and I'm so proud of them!! (I'll post pictures soon!)

8. Blocked Blow to the Brain! Princess Laura saved the day! We were sitting on bleachers in the outfield of Game Master's game when a young man hit a long ball out to us! The ball was heading straight for the head of my Pretty Princess! Our good friend "Princess Laura" (this is what my Princess calls her and if you knew her, you'd agree!) used her bare hand to knock the ball away from her!

9. Bosses' Bi-PAP! Ha! My dad is also my boss (at my job)! He got his Bi-PAP machine yesterday and slept with it all night last night (which is astounding for the first night!). He feels great today and I'm so excited for him!!

10. Born-again Believer of my Beloved! God has saved me from my sin and I have hope in my salvation and eternal future with Him!

Well, each Thursday morning I think, "I just can't do this 'thankful' thing again this week! But God surprises me with how easy it is!" I'm thankful that I keep doing it and the way it changes my attitude each time! Hope you have a thankful Thursday too!


Reverberate58 said...

What a wonderful list. I like them all!

Peach said...

Great list. It is true that just when we think we can't -- God does, and we have to tell about it! I am thankful to Him for so many things -- including you!!

Jennifer said...

I wanted to come up with a really clever B themed comment but I'm drawing a blank. Hey there's one!

I always love the Thursday thank tanks. They remind me to count my blessings. There's another one!