Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Home is NOT My Own!

On Monday, Owlhaven gave a challenge. We were to take three photos that were reflections of ourself. I thought... that should be easy enough. And I walked around my house looking.....

Oh, man! This cannot be MY house! I love to be organized. I love for everything to be in it's place. These people that I live with must be crazy!! I discovered that there isn't much of me in this house... or better said... what there is of me has been covered with THEIR mess! I can't keep up! Granted, I have spent the day out running errands.

Here is NOT me:

This is my sons' bedroom! Where are the sheets? What happened in there?!? I thought the tornadoes hit middle and west Tennessee!!

This is my daughter's bedroom. (Okay, I confess...it doesn't look like this today. This is last month, the morning that I found she'd been up half the night getting all her clothes out of the drawers and playing with them!)

This is my husband's side of the bed. It is like this today, but this is actually a good day. He can actually get in the bed on HIS side!

Now, I'm bummed out! My husband is going to work and we are going to baseball practice. Tomorrow is a serious cleaning day!!


owlhaven said...

Too funny! I really should have taken a picture of all the junk I had to shove off to the side to get that nice photo of my girls' dressers that I put on my blog. You'd feel better, I guarantee it...
I'm off to baseball tonight too!

Mary, mom to many

momrn2 said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my "quiet corner" AND leaving a comment! Please feel free to come by any time! Loved having you!!

I so appreciated coming here and seeing these pic's. I feel RIGHT AT HOME!! :-) Thanks for sharing!

I also enjoyed your meme on Monday's post! We seem to have a lot in common!

Reverberate58 said...

Why is it that all we have to do is go to the bathroom and come back out and our house has been rearranged? Thanks for the share!

Peach said...

Welcome to my world, friend. My house and the side of my own bed looks quite similar to yours! Hope you have an enormously successful cleaning day today. Love you!

Jennifer said...

Wow! You are brave for posting those pics. I don't know if I could do that even though I have no problem telling you my place looks similar. I'm a messy and I married a messy. I can't imagine if we had children! Oh well! I've finally given myself a break and decided that relationships are more important than housework.