Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Thanks Tank #3 (filling up the tank with thanks)

Oh boy, this is going to be hard today...

Maybe I should get this off of my chest first... Papa is working too much, Game Master has a cold, Candy Man has croup, Pretty Princess' asthma is acting up pretty severely, and my back is hurting so bad I almost can't walk.

Whew... that feels a little better. Let's give it a try! I am thankful for:

1. Medicines! God has provided all sorts of medicines for our illnesses, aches, and pains. I'm so thankful to live in a time where my children will easily survive illnesses like croup and asthma!

2. A great pediatrician! We see a married couple (both are pediatricians). They are not only so nice and compassionate, but are so thorough! I trust them with my children's care!

3. Scrapbooking! Seriously, this is more than just a fun craft for me! It is a social event! I've met one of my bestest friends through scrapbooking (I love you, AnnieBeth!). It is a ministry - I get to share my faith and minister to others through this "fun craft"! It is therapy (but cheaper!) - I get to complete pages of memories, gives me an emotional as well as a creative outlet!

4. Pregnant Bellies (as long as it isn't mine!) - Last Saturday, I got to feed 43 pregnant women lunch! I help with a team that reaches out to low-income expectant moms. We give them a Baby Shower - including lunch, pre-natal education, gifts, and further services. It was our biggest shower yet! Can you imagine all the hormones in one room!?

5. Chemotherapy. This is a tough one to be thankful for, as it is right now making one of my best friends oh-so-very-sick! I have faith that it is curing her of the breast cancer that is trying to ravage her body! Go chemotherapy!!

6. Bible Study Fellowship. I struggle with attending this each week. I always want to not go, finding something "much more important" to do. I am always thankful when I go! It is a great in-depth study, where God is frequently convicting and challenging me!

7. Surrender! I am thankful that I can always crawl back to my Saviour and surrender my will to His and He ALWAYS forgives and takes over for me.

8. Zoo days! Was it really a week ago that we had a fun family zoo day? Boy, it seems like so much longer. I'm thankful for that time we had together - fun, fun!

9. Squiggle Squaggles! Candy Man showed me a picture just this morning of a "squiggle squaggle". If I ever figure out how to get a picture on my blog, I'll post it! Squiggle Squaggles have brought much amusement at my house this week!

10. Hope!! I am thankful for hope! I have hope that my children will get well. I have hope that my husband will get the weekend off afterall. I have hope that I get to leave tomorrow for a girl's weekend away. I have hope that I will get spiritual renewal this weekend at the conference we will be attending. I have hope that tomorrow will be better. I have hope in my Lord Jesus and look forward to being with Him one day...


Faith said...
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Peach said...

Hey there, friend. Hope you have a good time at the conference.

Enjoyed reading your list . . . especially about the kids ; )

Shalee said...

#7 and 10 are goodies for me. It is because I am forgiven (though I surely and utterly do not deserve it) that I have hope. And that hope gets me through the tough times, like finding something to make for dinner and getting out a nasty grass stain!

Have a wonderful, inspiring time at the conference!

Jennifer said...

i'm sorry you're having such a rough time. maybe someone doesn't want you to get to the conference. i'm praying that God makes it happen!

Jennifer said...

i hope you can figure out the "squiggle squaggle" picture. i can't wait to see it.

Jennifer said...

it's so cool that once we start off with a small thank you the list grows and grows and grows.

Anniebeth said...

I love you, too!