Monday, April 24, 2006

A moment of insanity!

Did I really put pictures of my trashed house on the web? What in the world was I thinking? I didn't want you to get to know me THAT well! I sure wouldn't have invited you over to see it. Why in the world would I give you pictures!?

I think it was a moment of insanity! Do you have those? I sure hope they don't get increasingly closer together as we age (please tell me they don't!). I'm afraid they'll all just run together!

Do you ever make decisions that sound like a good idea at the time, but later you realize that you were insane!?

I scheduled our Saturday clear full of fun activities! I thought it was going to be a great day with the kids. Papa was at work, but friends were going to be there to help with my little ducks, so it would be just fine!

We began the day with Game Master's baseball game (he hit one out of the park - woo hoo!), which was immediately followed by Candy Man's baseball game (who was more interested in the bubble gum the coach had given him!). Pretty Princess did amazingly well - sitting through 2 hours straight of baseball, finding new friends to play with and keeping herself entertained. I felt even more ready for the rest of the day!

Then we did the drive-thru/eat in the car lunch thing on the way to our next escapade...

Next stop was a nightmare for Pretty Princess. Again, what was I thinking? The boys absolutely loved it, but I think she was a bit traumatized. We went to the Civil War Living History Days. We arrived 10 minutes into the live "squirmish". It was awesome - very exciting! Live horses, real guns and canons from the times. Authentic costumes. Very impressive... well, to most anyway. Princess was not impressed in the least. I suppose it was too real to her - I mean, they WERE shooting each other and falling 'dead'. It was very loud to her too. At the end, they all lined up and did a 'gun salute' - over the heads of the watchers-on.
Poor Princess...

Then to make matters worse, as we later "toured" the campsites, she stepped into a big mud puddle. The mud squished through her toes and all into her sandal. This was quite disagreeable for her!

I went into one of those porta-potties with her. She was so scared and didn't want to go... so I went first, to show her there was nothing to be afraid of. Meanwhile, her big brother, Game Master, goes around to the back of the potty and starts beating on it! She thought it was the potty! Needless to say, it terrified her and she refused to go!

She suprisingly got over each of these things pretty quickly, but then the last offense was more than she could handle! As she was getting a drink from a water bottle, it spilled down the front of her shirt. Oh my! End of the world! She had muddy toes, and now a wet shirt. It was just too much for my princess!

After about 10 minutes of fussing, I realized that our time was up and it was time to move on...

Fortunately for everyone, she zonked out in the car ride to the next adventure and was rejuvenated to go on... which was really good, since it involved frogs!!

The Bible says He will not give us more than we can handle (1 Corinthians 10:13). Why do I, at times, give my children more than they can handle? I'm telling you, it is a moment of insanity!


Jennifer said...

You know it wasn't insane to post those pictures!!! So many women commented that it looked just like their place. I took a messy apartment photo of my own that should make it's way to my blog eventually. You inspired me!! Women put too much emphasis on housework sometimes. Messiness, dust and clutter is not that bad---filth is but I've been to your house many a time and never seen any there. Thanks for being real. Don't feel like you have to apologize for it.

Tennessee Mama said...

Thanks, Jen! That is exactly what I wanted to hear!! I love it! That is so great!

Peach said...

Ditto on the insanity over posting photos of clutter. Who cares? We love you and your family, regardless of your messiness -- something we ALL have in abundance. Your "realness" appeals to me far more, knowing you struggle in the same areas I do.