Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Thanks Tank #5 (filling up the tank with thanks)

It's Thursday again! Time for thankfulness! I've gotta be quick - forgot I had to work yesterday, so today is major cleaning day!!

I'm thankful for:

1. Christ's life on earth. He came here and set in place the church, showing us the way to live.

2. Christ's death. He took my sin (and yours) on Himself and paid the price.

3. Christ's resurrection. He defeated death and came back to life, making it possible for us to have eternal life.

4. Christ's promise to return. He promised that He'll be back. There will be an end to this world and He will reign as King.

5. I don't have to wait until then! He is King of my life now!

6. Freedom in Christ! I am free to live for Him! I do not have to worry what others think about me. (Now I must apply this one!)

7. Joy in Christ! I can have joy being a daughter of the King, no matter what my circumstances are! (Need some work on this one too!)

8. Love! I'm thankful for the love of others and being able to love them too!

9. Life! For my life, my children's lives. I want to enjoy each day that I have with them.

10. Restoration! That my heart can be restored when broken, relationships can be mended, and homes can be cleaned up!!

"Aghhhh... so much better!"

Have a thankful Thursday! Many blessings to you!

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
since as members of one body you were called to peace.
And be thankful." --Colossians 3:15


Peach said...

Wow! I love this list. Happy cleaning today.

Shalee said...

Love this list! You can see the joy of Christ through and through.

And would you stop by my place when you're done? It needs a good dusting...

Anniebeth said...

I'm impressed! You are getting all technical adding pictures to your blog! :)

Love ya!!!

Peach said...

Golly, girl! They have all gotten so BIG. Candy Man is still way ahead of JD Green. Guess God's given me my munchkin for a little longer! Your Pretty Princess is just that, and Game Master looks so grown up. Is his birthday the day before or on Mother's Day this year?

Peach said...

Golly, girl! They are so BIG!! JD Green and I just clicked on them and made them bigger, so we could see how cute they all are. Candy Man is definitely bigger than my JD, but then he always has been!

Love the beads on Pretty Princess. You do such a great job with her hair, my friend.

Oh how I miss ya'll!!

Peach said...

Hey, that first one wasn't going through, hence the second post. Now a third to get everything straight. Silly old bear, I am!

Tennessee Mama said...

Yes! They are getting so big! I'm sure yours are too! It is hard to believe that Candy Man is 5, and yet look at him! He looks 7! The others are about to be 9 (on Mother's Day) and 4 (in June). Hard for me to believe...

Yikes! I just enlarged it to see it better too and saw all the stuff under their bed! Oh well! It can't be perfect, can it?

Reverberate58 said...

See a bit of faith and calmness is brought to clean up the mess! I love your list. I might have to try a list of thankfuls sometime. I had to blow the picture up to see what you and Peachy were talking about and my what beautiful smiles all 3 have. Great picture.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the picture. I love the Thursday Thanks Tanks!

Everyday Mommy said...

Now THOSE are beautiful kids! WOW! And, they look so angelic! How DO you do it, Mom?