Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lazy Blogger?

I feel like a lazy blogger! Am I?

I have been busy. It hasn't had the pull that it had before.

Is it me? Is it just because I have more fun things to do? Is it because I'm too busy? Is it because I can't think of anything to say?

I don't know!

Maybe it is that I started trying to put myself in a box with all the different memes going on - Sunday Scripture, Saturday Photo Hunt, Wednesday Works for Me, Thursday Thanks Tank, Friday's Everyday Things, Tuesday's Treasures (okay...I don't think I ever did that one... but I meant to!). Then I'd feel guilty because I didn't get a post on that day...then the next...and the next.

Forget it! I'm starting fresh! Originally, I had meant for this to be my journal - what was going on in our life, my thoughts, whatever I was feeling that day - that kind of thing. I was enticed to do other things and got overwhelmed.

At least, that is what I think...

And so, I'm starting again! I'm blogging when I want to, what I want to, and for me! Who cares if anyone reads it or comments? That is not why I'm doing this! (I must keep reminding myself of this!)

Simple. Keep. It. Simple.


Peach said...

KISS (with my own spin -- Keep It Simple, Sweetie)

Well said and so true. That's exactly what I'm going to do, too. I still want to have fun with it, so reprioritizing is a must.

Reverberate58 said...

I found my self feeling a bit like that this week also so I made a new blog that is just for the memes when I chose to play them and my blog is back to a normal blogging for fun blog. I like it much better!

I still love my memes but I had a lot of blogger buddies that weren't playing the memes and felt i wasn't giving them places to make a comment on! I so agreed.

I have enjoyed your blog meme or no meme it has been you that had kept me coming back!

Faith said...

I think it is good to re-invent ourselves every once in awhile!! ;D

Jennifer said...

so true! I have definitely enjoyed the fun daily lists and photos and was even tempted to adopt them myself but I knew they would start to feel like a must do instead of a want to do. I have definitely felt the false guilt of not being a consistent blogger but who made the rules? Life is scheduled enough with things we HAVE to do so I've decided to be a free spirit in as many areas that I responsibly can. Yes being a free spirt in some ways can be responsible. Blog whenever you want and how you want and I'll always be checking it on a regular basis even though I don't always have a comment to leave.
Love you lots,