Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look what happened!

It happened! Finally!

Candy Man is going to the dentist tomorrow. He was scared that the dentist would pull his tooth - it's been loose for awhile now. He was afraid it would hurt. So he let me and Game Master have a go at it!

I got it out pretty easily! I can't believe I did it! Oooooo! I'm not good at these things. Papa is suppose to be the one to do it! Of course, he was at work.

He was so excited when the tooth came out. He called Papa and told him. He called Grandma and Grandpa (and even talked on the phone with their dog to tell her!). Of course we had a photo shoot to document the whole event! Then he saw the pictures on the computer and started to cry! He said he looks ugly!

Anyway, I introduce to you...... the new Candy Man:


Faith said...

Little snaggle tooth! How cute!

Jennifer said...

aw! How could he think that face was anything less than adorable? I guess it would be weird to see myself if one of my teeth went missing! I think kids with missing teeth are one of the cutest most precious things! He'll look back on the photograph and love it some day I'm sure!

Reverberate58 said...

Oh tell him he isn't ugly. That we all went through it and before he knows it he will have a new tooth. Take him outside and teach him how to squirt water through it! Show him how fun it can be! LOL Well I did with my son!

Have a wonderful wacky Wednesday!

Peach said...

You tell him that's a total lie that he looks ugly. He looks adorable and quite a bit like his friend JD Green who has lost both of his front teeth in the last two weeks.

Woo Hoo for the tooth fairy! My DP had to wrestle JD to the ground to get the second one out because it had gotten itself wedged behind the new tooth coming in.

Tennessee Mama said...

You know how it is - he doesn't believe his mama! Today he's been told by enough people that he looks really cool, and he's changed his mind! He's showing everyone and proud of it now!

Whew! He's a little young to be so concerned with his appearance!