Thursday, August 03, 2006

Candy Man saying...

The Candy Man is at it again!

CM, emphatically: "I'm soooo glad that I'm not a girl!"

Mama, with mild laughter: "Why are you glad that you aren't a girl?"

CM, dramatically: "Because I don't want to get pregnant! That would hurt!"

I know today is Thursday. Papa has the day off (making it harder to sneak and blog - he's gone to wash the car right now!), I'm taking the kids to Ohio tomorrow to see my grandmother (which leaves much packing & preparing to do), and I must do Princess's hair today (takes several hours!). I probably won't get around to blogging my Thanks Tank, but I am thankful! Especially for this.

Eventually things will return somewhat to normal with me! We've just been so busy lately - but with fun stuff, so that is good! Happy Thankful Thursday!

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