Monday, March 06, 2006

Well, here goes...

Well, here goes... I am brand new to blogging... how exciting (for me, anyway!).

How about a little introduction of myself? I am a wife and mother of three living in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am 34 years old and do many things!! I'll start with the things most important to me.

I am a continually-striving-to-be-better-wife to my lovely husband-who-works-too-much. Really, I love him dearly, which is why I wish he was home more! I truly miss him when he is not here. Well... most of the time.

I have three darling children (even if a little rambunctious!). My first son is 8 years old. He wants to be called the "Game Master" - after his love for all games, especially video games and computer games! My second son is 5 years old. We call him "Candy Man" - obviously because he LOVES candy!! (more about that another time) And my third child - adopted as a baby - is now 3 years old. She is our "Pretty Princess" - as we speak she is wearing a ballerina costume and dancing through the house saying "it's a wonderful dream come true!"

I homeschool the boys - Game Master just finished 3rd grade and is getting ready to start 4th grade. Candy Man is in Kindergarten. We are on "spring break" this week after a fun weekend trip to Ohio for a family wedding. We will be spending much time just playing this week!!

I am a Christian. Not just a Christian, in the Southern-Bible-Belt kind of way. I LOVE JESUS! I have a personal relationship with Him and want to honor Him in everything I do, say, and think! I fail miserably sometimes and am thankful for His forgiveness and grace! Lately, He has been teaching me so much about His love for me and how He made me. I will share more about that another time!


Peach said...

Yay!!! To have a real friend join me in my virtual world called blogland! I am so proud of you, sweetie!! I pray you will find this to be the therapeutic, cathartic experience I have found it.

You are already on your way to making friends by being at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas, but I will put a plug for you on my site -- if you don't mind. That way you will soon be able to meet some other wonderful moms who love Jesus.

Another place to check is at It is solely dedicated to homeschoolers and my girls have their blogs over there. I'll e-mail you their addresses at some point, and you can check them out.

Again, welcome sweet friend! So glad you are here.

Jennifer said...

I was just thinking the other day how cool it would be if you had a blog!

Tater and Tot said...

Wow - your page looks great to be brand new to blogging. I'm even newer and have no idea how to do anything to my blog. It took me 2 forevers to figure out how to make a blogroll! Anyhoo - I have read many of your posts, and love them all! Thanks for sharing your family with blog-dom!

From one Tennessee Mother to Another,
Tater and Tot's Mom