Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Fairy Tale

It was 10 years ago today...

I felt as beautiful as I'd ever felt, all dressed up in white with jewel ornaments all over. I wore a crown of diamonds (we can pretend they were real...) as if I was a queen! Everyone around me rushed in a flourish - all for me! This was my day! The day I'd dreamed of for so long! A beautiful day - the heavens so blue, the fields of emerald, the earth was dressed up for me too!

And then it was time. Time to present myself to my king! I went to him, unaware of anyone else around. And I promised my life to him, my love and my forever. And he promised his undying devotion to me.... It was breath-taking!

SCREEEEEECH! Stop the presses! Give me a BREAK! What was I thinking!??? I must have been out of my mind! Let's get real...

During the week after we were married, I remember looking across the table at him and thinking, "Who is that man? My husband!? I don't even know him!" (In actuallity, we had known each other for 7 years!) I suddenly felt like we were strangers!

I have to say that the last ten years have NOT been anything like I thought they would be! Where is the romance? The passion? The enchantment? The FAIRY TALE!!?? This is what I thought I was getting!! Instead, I got bills, laundry (in the floor, I might add!), dirty dishes, trash overflowing, and a little later... dirty diapers (lots of them!), and snotty noses. I got days without talking, nights in bed alone, tearful moments of frustration.

But I also got... a friend - he's been there for me when others weren't. He's had so many moments of wisdom - giving me prudent advise in just the right way. I got a pal - someone to play games with, watch TV with, just be myself around. I got a lover - someone to enjoy as God planned (and when I had the energy!). I got a partner - in life, in financial matters, in parenting, in many other things. I got a companion - someone to spend time with, to go places with. And I got a soul mate - I am so thankful for him being a Christian, that he understands my struggles and joys as a child of faith.

So, even though marriage is not at all what I thought it would be... I think it has been good for me! We are opposites, but through the struggles, I think we improve each other! He completes me.

I love you, honey! Happy 10th wedding anniversary! May the next 10 be greater than the last, but never so comfortable that we aren't becoming better at it!


Peach said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope you have something special planned. He better have something special planned, hadn't he?

Jennifer said...

That is so precious. I have had the honor of witnessing some of those years. I have to print this out and save it forever. Congratulations to you two! God has already used you and your marriage in big ways and I know will continue to do so.