Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I love homeschooling!!

I just love homeschooling! Seriously, I truly do! I can't imagine doing anything else! Of course it hasn't always been that way...

I had Game Master home for kindergarten and first grade. Candy Man was a high-demand toddler and Princess was just a newborn when we began. It made for an insane two years. I looked forward to sending him off to school for second grade. Then I cried many days when he went! I'm so fickle!

He was soooo bored at school, learning very little. We all despised the schedule of early awakening, school, homework, early bedtime that allowed very little family time - or extra-curricular time either! So we decided it best to bring him back home.

We started third grade at home in July 2005. He finished it last week! So we are on "spring break" this week - being lazy, having fun, doing nothing. Next week we begin fourth grade with some extra 'penmanship' practice too! It's time to do more with Candy Man as well.

Well, I guess it is easy to say I love homeschooling during spring break, huh?!? Really, we do better with the structure of our school days than with the free time ("what is there to do?") and the boredom (thus the fighting). How many days left until Monday??

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Lauren said...

I love homeschooling too. Something about sending them too school that, just as you said, seems to take away all the family time.