Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's March Madness!

I will survive! Well, we've made it through the Candy Man's illness, and through "Papa" having the appendectomy on Thursday. We are even going to attempt going to church this morning! I want to sing praises to God for helping me to perservere through this week!

Now, about this whole basketball thing going on right now... I admit that I am not a big sports fan. In fact, I'm not really a sports fan at all (except when my boys play in their youth sports, and then I'm the BIGGEST fan!!). My honey frequently tries different tactics to get me involved in his first love. He was successful in getting me involved about 5 years ago - during March Madness! Normally, I wouldn't watch ANY basketball. I would be clueless when he talked about it. But he had the greatest idea; an idea that appealled to my competitive side!!

Every year, just before the 'madness' begins, we each pick our teams for the whole tournament. Then we cheer them on and keep track of who has picked the most teams! So it's a little competition between the two of us. I have beat him every year except for one! We think that is hilarious, since I come into the 'picks' with no prior knowledge of the teams! This year, we have let "Game Master" be apart as well!

This year, I sabotaged myself by picking Tennessee to go to the final four. As I chose my picks, I said, "I don't really think they will make it that far, but how can I NOT cheer them on?? I have to pick them!" I am so proud of them for doing so well this year!

Our current standings are:
1. Papa at 30 games
2. Mama at 27 games
3. Game Master at 22 games

Eight more games today! Wooo-hooo!
(I admit, any enthusiasm is only in determination to "beat" my husband and not really for the teams or the game!)


Peach said...

I would have picked TN, too, sweet friend. I know Kent has no chance either, but with that being my almamater -- I just can't turn my back on them.

Hope you made some good picks today. You go, girl!

Reverberate58 said...

We have been taken over by March Madness in this house as well. Hubby is a big orange fan (Syracuse as well as TN) and as long as one of those team play we go no where!! He not I is the big fan. I am not so into the sports and he is only crazy about basketball.

Peach said...

BTW, you asked about the Thursday Thanks Tank -- my own decision and creation. You are welcome to "lift" it from my site if you like. It just gives me a reason to look outside myself each week and to remember those blessings that so often get overlooked. I also love hearing what God is doing in other's lives.

Jennifer said...

We're having a fun time at work where most of the kids and all of the staff filled out brackets. We have a t.v. there so we can watch the games. I was doing great until Tennesee lost and Ohio State lost. that's what I get for following my heart instead of my head. Oh well!