Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hospital comic moments!

When visiting a hospital, you must have a sense of humor. Don't you think? Between the booty-revealing attire and the plastic meals (have you noticed EVERYTHING tastes like water, but smells horrible?!? Where does the odor come from if the food has no taste?). The staffing is so over-stretched that no one has a name anymore. You are passed around like the bed you are lying on.

I spent the day at the hospital yesterday with my "Doppler Daddy" (my weather-loving father). He had a heart ablasion procedure that will correct once and for all his heart flutter. I'm so excited for him, anticipating that he will be feeling much better. I enjoyed the opportunity to wait on him - soon after the procedure he was allowed lunch, but was not allowed to sit up (he had to lay flat for 4 hours). I got to feed him lunch! I also got to 'walk him' around the cardiac floor a couple times later that day.

Okay, I must tell you that my Doppler Daddy is a very healthy and strong 59 year old man. We aren't talking about a feeble man, in any sense. However, I do think he thoroughly enjoyed all the attention and doting!

I especially enjoyed getting to spend the day with my mom! I get to spend one day a week with my dad (I work for him), and thoroughly enjoy that time with him. But I rarely get to spend quality time with my mom. It was such a treat. We fortunately did have a sense of humor and were able to laugh several times at different "hospital comical moments". It was a very special time indeed. Isn't it ironic how someone must be flat on their backs to bring families together?


Faith said...

Glad your Dad is okay. Amazing how you can have such a Good day at the hospital, huh?

Peach said...

Glad to hear about your dad and your wonderful day. God is amazing in His ways. May this be a successful procedure.

Tater and Tot said...

Some of my most cherished memories are related to hospital stays. My hospital stays (both for uncommon things, maybe I'll blog it sometime), my dad and my mom for surgeries, and my Grandaddy and Mamaw's last days before they passed away were at the hospital.

I guess great memories do happen in the strangest places for me - a Pigeon Forge youth convention, hospitals, funeral homes, Picadilly lunch line, and one particular clogging convention in Nashville. I could go on and on. The current post that I am working on is about memories. If I can ever get it finished, maybe you can come by and read it! God does work in mysterious ways (and in mysterious places.)