Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Thanks Tank #2 (filling up the tank with thanks)

It is Thursday once again and time to express my thanks! I almost said "time to be thankful". What a shame! I should be thankful ALL the time! That is why Thursday Thanks Tank is good for me! (See Peach for the original idea!)

I am thankful for:

1. God's timing. My poor husband had his emergency appendectomy and has been off of work for 2 weeks. He knew how badly "Papa" needed some time off (even if it didn't look like what he wanted!). He knew that my dad was having this heart procedure and how special it would be if I could be there (hard to do with hubby at work and 3 children at home). Thank you God for your timing!

2. Heart Ablasion. My "Doppler Daddy" just had this procedure done. A pretty simple procedure done through a heart cath where they burn a line in an area in the heart which stops the heart flutter. It is a cure for a condition that has caused him much trouble. It is a newer procedure. I am very thankful that my dad could have it!

3. C-PAP. I have obstructive sleep apnea. I was diagnosed last summer after doing a sleep study. Having this simple device has changed my days! I am so much more alert and awake. I feel soooo much better!

4. Sunshine! I'm so thankful for sunshine and warmer days! It is so nice to sit on the front porch and read books to the children! I just love the fresh air! Today is forecasted to be the prettiest day yet...

5. One more day off from work. Papa saw his doctor yesterday and he wrote him to go back to work on Friday! We expected that he'd be going back today. He is feeling much better. So we are having a family day and going to the zoo!

6. Old friends. I had lunch yesterday with an 'old' friend (since high school - wow, that makes me sound old, huh?). It has been 2 years since we've spoken and it was so good to see her!

7. Forgiveness. After leaving lunch with this friend, I realized that I had been apart of hurting her a few years ago and had to ask her to forgive me! I called her right then and told her how sorry I was. I am thankful for her forgiveness.

8. My children's good health! I keep hearing about all the sickness still going around. My children are well and I'm thankful!! Especially after Candy Man being sick and noone else getting it!!!

9. God's message of surrender. This was Sunday's message at church. A very timely one, I might add - as I'm running around trying to hold everything together at home!

10. God's control! Thank you God, that I can trust you with control of my life. You have control of everything all the time, but I keep trying to take over. Thank you that You are always willing to forgive me and take it back!


Peach said...

So glad to hear all the wonderful things God is doing. How incredible to have this time with the Papa around. Have a fabulous time at the zoo. I sure wish I were going with you. Tell the black bears, "Hi!" for me. Maybe this fall we can get together for a trip there. I'll talk to you more later about those details : ) Sure miss you, friend!

janice said...

So good to count our blessings eh?
(oops you could tell I am Canadian there)

I am here cause of Peach and that virus!!

Congrats on calling your friedn and asking for forgiveness - it is so freeing to do that isn't it?