Sunday, March 09, 2008

What a Day!

What a day we've had! I am exhausted (even though it is just almost 8pm in yesterday's time!).

We started bright and early this morning at a friend's church. I play in a handbell choir at her church and we played for both services this morning. Made for a long morning for the little ducklings!

GameMaster had a total meltdown on the way home about it all. And after we were home...for the next 30 minutes. Lots of tears shed. Lots of yelling (on his part, and a little on mine, I admit). Then he finally calmed down, apologized (so did I), and we got on with our afternoon. He had math homework that he got done pretty quickly without much argument (I guess he'd already gotten it out of his system?).

Then we went about trying to help poor Princess! Her first loose tooth has been driving her crazy and she was ready for it to come out. She preceded to scream and cry while we held her down and wiggled it. We'd stop and she'd lay down and get us to do it again!! She wanted it out, but she was scared. After about an hour of this, I said, "Enough!" And we started playing games instead!!

Princess and I made cookie bars (with peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips - yummy!). I cooked dinner. And then we seperated for some more playtime.

We ended our evening like most evenings at home with "Bible Time". We've been reading the book of John leading up to Easter. Tonight we read John 13. Then we each prayed. A nice ending to the day? Almost...
GameMaster got the bright idea to tie Princess's tooth to the Nerf dart and let her shoot her tooth out. She went along! It didn't work.
Then he tied her tooth to his radio control car. It made the car do a pop-a-wheelie, but said tooth stayed intact!! She giggled the whole time.

Then we really had a problem! We couldn't get the thread off of her tooth!!! So we went back to holding her down and wiggling and wiggling that tooth. At one point I looked up and CandyMan was pacing the floor with his hands folded under his chin - praying for her! It took almost another hour, but it finally popped out! Then she just looked at us and grinned!

I asked her if it hurt and she said no. Then what was all the screaming and crying about? She was afraid it was going to hurt! Oh. Okay. (Can't we relate?)

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