Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Busy, busy...

Lots going on here at the Duck's Nest!

I heard from FBA on GameMaster's scholarship. Well, sort of. I am meeting with the principal on Thursday to find out what they've determined. We are still praying for that miracle!

GameMaster has also been attending Aikijutsu classes (martial arts) the last few weeks. We have found a school that is Christ-centered. It is this man's ministry - to raise up boys into Christian men. Very cool! GM is really enjoying it and is ready to commit. We are talking to the owner on Thursday evening about that. Well, after he gets his MRI on his brain and cervical spine that afternoon.

I took our dog Duncan to have his haircut yesterday and realized that I hadn't had one in awhile either! So I went and got mine cut too. Of course, the dog's cut cost almost 4 times as much! What is with that!??!

I had Bible Study today and lunch with my friend Lisa afterwards. We have been enjoying each other's company so much. It is so good to have a Christian friend to discuss God, church, and our lives with. She is such a blessing to me. I love her so much!

When we go to lunch on Tuesdays I have my phone set at 2:45 to rush home to meet the school bus. Well at like 2:44 it started raining in sheets - sideways! Then my alarm went off. We dashed to the car (I offered to be a gentlewoman and pick her up, but she insisted) - giggling like little girls. Our fronts were barely wet, but our backsides were drenched (the rain was blowing into our backs)! It was so funny. Of course we started off the day with umbrellas and left them in the car! I don't know that they would've helped anyway!!

I've got some allergy yuck going on again. My sinuses are draining into my throat and it is getting all clogged up. Okay. Enough nastiness. I just pray it goes away quickly. And I am thankful that is the worst that I've gotten through these months of sickness every one else has experienced! I am thankful!!

Enough for me tonight! Time to start getting the ducklings ready for bed...

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Leeann M. Samples said...

I'll be praying for GM with his MRI. I'm sure you will post an update...? Glad things are going well.
Love ya!
LA :)