Thursday, March 06, 2008

Answered Prayer

Well, I've gotten a long-awaited answer. I met with the principal of FBA this morning. They are willing to give GameMaster the recommended 69% scholarship. That is a lot of money they are offering in a grant. It will still cost me a lot of money (at least to me).

I have prayed and prayed. I feel like this is where GM is supposed to be next year. It is another test of my "financial" faith to see if I trust Him to provide for that additional expense. Do I? Yeah, I think I do! Just last night, the ex-Papa Duck called to say that he had gotten a promotion at work. That means that we should be getting more child support then. How much you wanna bet that it is exactly the amount that we need each month to send GM to FBA!? That is just how my God works!
On another note, Pretty Princess bit down into a piece of sausage at breakfast this morning and smiled at me really big. I was shocked by what I saw!! Her front bottom tooth had just laid straight to the left in front of the tooth next to it!! I made too big of a deal about it and scared her a little bit. I think she thought she was in trouble! Once I got to looking, you can see the adult tooth is peeking out of the skin behind it! She'll probably lose her first tooth at school today! Poor thing is completely freaked out by it, since she really hasn't had a significantly loose tooth to worry about! She was so cute with that tooth all crooked in front though!

I'm taking GM to tour FBA this afternoon and see what he thinks. Then he is going to have his MRI done. We are praying that it will come back completely normal!

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Pam said...

How exciting to see God providing for this need, dear Mama Duck! I will be continuing to pray for each penny to be provided as GM incurs costs you've not had to process yet.

Pretty Princess is losing a tooth!! Seems too soon, but I know from our trip to the orthodontist yesterday that time flies.

Praying too for the MRI to be normal with no problems whatsoever.

Thanks for the update, dear friend.

Love you!