Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun Day in the Smoky Mountains!

Poor CandyMan has spent the first part of his spring break on the couch with the flu. I'm getting pretty bored myself!! I thought maybe he could handle a little car ride up to the mountains. All of the kids were up early excited! So we packed a picnic, loaded up the car and even took Grandpa with us!
We drove through Townsend, TN and around "The Loop" at Cades Cove. It was a beautiful, if a little chilly, morning in the East Tennessee Smoky Mountains! The temperature stayed in the upper 50's. CandyMan wore down fast and wasn't up for much.

GameMaster and Princess enjoyed getting out and touring an old homestead. Here is a picture of them in front of the barn. Cool, huh?
GameMaster became quite angry with me yesterday when I told him that I thought we'd go up to the mountains today. He has enjoyed being home-bound for days with nothing to do but video games! He didn't want to leave his precious Wii!! (Which is one of the biggest reasons I felt like I needed to get us out of here!!) Once we were up there, he admitted it wasn't so bad...
Princess loved every minute of it. She even got to drive for a little bit (in my lap). She had a wonderful day and was NOT ready to go home! But after our drive, we stopped in the picnic area for lunch. CandyMan was so worn out, he barely ate anything! He was ready to come home. So, we ended the day a little short and headed home.
As you can see, he is getting tired of his running nose!!

All in all it was an enjoyable day. I'm glad we got out of the house, if even for a little bit! God's creation is amazing!

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