Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where I live (part 2)

When we were married, we lived in North Knoxville. Well, really I guess it was NorthWest if you want to be specific. We had a cute little ranch house in a small neighborhood with great neighbors. I had bought this house while single and it was close to my job. Papa gained employment not far from there as well.

Along came Game Master, and it was a perfect size home for our family. After 3 years of marriage, we began attending a Christian church together and had a transformation in our marriage. This church was a pretty new, small fellowship that met in a middle school gym. It was very exciting being apart of the forming stages! We felt led to become more involved in our church by leading small groups. We needed more space to be able to do that (to allow for an extra room for childcare). And so we searched for a larger home closer to our church.

Since our church was located in West Knoxville, it made sense for us to be closer. We found the perfect split-foyer home in a nice subdivision. It was a beautiful wooded lot, very private with few neighbors – very quiet. It was ideal for having the adult small groups upstairs and the children downstairs. We proceeded to have many small groups meet at our home. We had a couples group almost the whole time we lived there – they were our family! Papa led a men’s group. I led two women’s groups. There was a student’s group that used our basement for their meeting location for awhile. Papa and I both discipled many individuals & couples in this home as well. Everyone knew that our home was intended for ministry! During our time there, Candy Man & Pretty Princess joined our family. There were always people at our home! We loved them all!

More next time about our current location…


Reverberate58 said...

Sounds wonderful that your family was so extended to include the church!That is really cool!

Anonymous said...

It's "frog loaner!" Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be one of the people who was not only a small group "groupie" at your home, but was also able to receive your discipleship during a difficult time in my life. I will always remember the night you and Papa got the call....the adoption agency had a baby...a daughter...and she needed a mommy and daddy...what an amazing night! Those memories, all of those memories, are very precious to me! Thank you for sharing your life (and your home) with me and "Mr. Frogloaner"! Love you! (P.S. Say Hello to the frogs for me) ;)

Peach said...

Hey there~ both to you and the "frog loaner".

I remember so much of this story, because I was there! I am waiting to hear the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say.

BTW, I got your sweet note today. Thank you for caring and for praying. I will tell you more after I get back into town. We're headed out for a couple of days.

owlhaven said...

HAVE YOUR TOMATO PLANTS SHAPED UP ANY? (oops, caplock) Hope they're doing better. Thanks for playing my abc game last week!