Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Scripture

"May your father and mother be glad;
may she who gave you birth rejoice!"
--Proverbs 23:25
Today, we will celebrate Pretty Princess' birthday with a party (her actual birthdate isn't until Tuesday). Around the time of her birthday, more than any other time of year, her birthparent's are in my heart and on my mind!
With the boys, I tell them their story of what was happening " __" years ago right now...etc... With Princess, I just don't know. I wasn't there. We didn't know our daughter had been born until she was almost 4 weeks old. That is absolutely okay with me. I do have the "Gotcha Day" memories to tell in another month!
Only her sweet birthmother has the memories of what was happening with Princess 4 years ago right now. I have no doubt that it is on her mind. This must be something special to her! I pray that she is blessed with peace, having faith that her child is loved and well taken care of!


Reverberate58 said...

I hope that who ever she is does know in her heart how much you care! The fact that you love this child as if you gave birth is very apparent in all you write! And again I have to state that she is a beautiful girl!

Peach said...

Prayin' for all of you. Hard to believe it's been four years since we were putting together that scrapbook for the princess!

Hope the rescued cake was delicious!

Faith said...

I think of little man's birthmother often. I am so thankful for her decision to make an adoption plan! You,me and Peach should get together sometime! We could make it work!
Happy Birthday to your princess!!!