Sunday, May 11, 2008

A special surprise and a flash to the past!

I received an unexpected phone call yesterday afternoon. The caller told me to change clothes, drop my kids off with her husband and head to the Oak Ridge Playhouse.

Since this call was from my good friend Lisa, I did it! Several women in our church had gotten together for dinner and a production that evening. At dinner, it was announced that there were a couple of extra tickets for the production. Lisa immediately thought of me, called her husband about keeping my kids and called me.

Guess what the production was? One of my all-time favorite movies! Grease!

A few years ago, I watched the movie again (it had been years). I had forgotten how "naughty" it was! I was a bit shocked - that my parents had let me watch it over and over when I was younger!

Well, the stage production has different words in it than the movie. It was even "naughtier"! Even though it was a mother/daughter night with the church, I was thankful that my daughter wasn't there! I did see some other kids there. I saw a few open mouths a couple of times from our group, but noone said anything about it being offensive or anything. I think everyone enjoyed it!

This local company did a very good job. It was impressive. I think the music was especially good, but maybe I was partial since I knew the music director? I don't think so, I think they did a really good job!

I had a very nice evening. I'm so thankful for getting to go (especially to Dennis for keeping my children!). It was a special Mother's Day gift!

I'll write more about Mother's Day later...we are off to my mom's for lunch!

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Barry said...

Glad you liked it!