Monday, May 19, 2008

Missy Prissy's Award

Tonight was Award's Night for Missy Prissy's grade at school. Her teacher has been great this year and has been so good for her! Missy is still at the bottom of her class and that is made more obvious seeing her with her class. She is just still immature. I feel certain that another year of kindergarten will be best for her.
Now for her awards... she was given a "Citizenship Award". Only 2 girls from her class were given this award. I'm so proud of her for this!!
She was also given the "Rookie Reader" award, for being so good at sounding out words this year.
Her teacher was very creative and gave silly awards predicting their future careers. It was really funny - and cute! Missy was awarded the most likely to be famous as a talk show host!!
On a little different note... I just googled her teacher's name to try to find a picture of her and found this and this! It is her teacher! She's very good, huh?
Here is a picture of Missy and her favorite friend:

Here is a picture of Missy with her "boyfriend" (she says!):


Leeann M. Samples said...

Congratulations and hugs to Missy!! She is just precious!! Isn't that scary that our sweet, young daughters say that they have "boyfriends"!! What crazy sleepless nights we have ahead of us.
LA :)

Pam said...

Congrats to Missy Prissy!

She is so adorable, Mama Duck. You do have hands full with the boyfriend thing, but she is years away from the real thing . . . I hope.

What a milestone! Glad to hear of your plans for her next year, too.