Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Candy Man's Award!

Candy Man had his awards program this morning. He was awarded a Good Citizenship Award from his teacher. She said that even when every other child in the classroom was out of control, she could count on CM to be good! I'm so proud of him!

I got a good picture of him with his friends. One of those friend's became sick right after this picture was taken... hope CM doesn't get it!!

CM had a great year in school. He's excited to begin a new year at a new school, but he's also sad to say goodbye to his friends. Of course, I'm sure he'll have no problem making new friends at the new school. Easy for me to know and tell him right now. Harder for him to understand at this point. He's not too upset though. He's Mr. Laid Back!

This year was his teacher's first year teaching. She was great! We loved her to pieces! She was so sweet and so good with him. She had so much energy and was so gung-ho all year. I was very pleased with her! CM really liked her too!

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