Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dude, Rock On!!

Those are the only words that have come out of GameMaster's mouth. "Rock On!" That is all he has to say about his birthday present!

Today, my oldest child turned 11 years old. All he wanted for his birthday was an electric guitar and an amp. He's been playing an old electric guitar of my fathers, but without an amp (you can't hear much at all). But still, he's been really into it. He has asked and asked for me to buy him an amplifier to go with it. I kept telling him that there was no way that I could afford to get him one for his birthday. I'd looked online and they are all so expensive!

Well, earlier this week I talked to my dad about it. We decided to go shopping to see what we could find. I knew that dad would not be happy with the $100 cheap kid's guitar at Walmart. He knows more about this than I do. So we went about trying to find a quality guitar at a price that I could handle.

In the end, we bought a new Fender StarCaster. We split the price and got it from all of us. It came with an amp, picks, strings, strap, and more - basically everything he needs to get started. I was thrilled to be able to get him a guitar this nice. So was my dad.

So, my dad (we call him Doppler Daddy - a story for another blog post) takes it all home with him to hide it. Of course, he decides he better get it out and tune it. He's been so excited about it for the last few days! It has been hilarious! He's called me and played it over the phone to me!

Tonight, after a yummy Japanese dinner (GameMaster's choice), we went by my mom's office (it was closed) and gave it all to him. He was speechless.

So, in honor of his new hobby (he's just not into video games as much these days), he will no longer be called GameMaster. I think "Guitar Hero" is more fitting!

"Rock On, Guitar Hero!"


Pam said...

I was a day early with my greetings and now a day late to comment . . . go figure : )

I love Guitar Hero, and I love that Doppler Daddy was such a help in making that dream come true. What a blessing!

He looks Soooo grown up!

Jennifer said...

That's so cool!!