Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Missy Prissy's Family Tree!?

You know what? We haven't called her Princess since almost the beginning of this blog, so I'm officially changing her name! We call her "Missy Prissy". And it fits. Well!!

So, here is the deal. I've heard other adoptive parents complain about "family" assignments in school. These assignments are just not set up for families nowadays! What about the adopted child? What about the child with divorced parents? What if those parents have remarried? What if one of their parents have died? What about the child who is being raised by their grandparents (it's happening a lot now!)? This just aggrevates me.

So what am I doing about it? Stalling! That is what I'm doing. The "family tree" assignment is due tomorrow and looks like this:

Now, this could be a really sweet assignment for some kids. One you'd want to frame and hang in their room. Maybe Missy Prissy will want to do just that...who knows!

But her family tree is much more complicated than this. I feel like by putting my picture and MIA Papa's picture on there is leaving out so much. I don't think that she will feel that way - at least not yet. But maybe she will someday. And how would her birthparent's feel? Wouldn't they want to be apart of her family tree too?


naomi said...

wow, i didn't realize that she was adopted. maybe you could post a picture of Jesus.. cause everyone is complicated except for the adoption into Him.
it is so awesome to see how He is working in your life!

Leeann M. Samples said...

Naomi had a great idea... I love that! But, you are so right - in today's society with the different family makeup(s)... this is frustrating!! Show us how you end up doing it!
Love ya!
LA :)

Jennifer said...

That is very tough! I would like to see the finished product. You're so creative, you'll come up with something.