Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm Busted!

I've hurt myself again! This time it's my own fault! Learn from my mistake - never wear flip flops in the rain!

There I was bebopping into the bank with GameMaster, we were giggling and having a good ole time walking through puddles to get there. I hit a slick spot and went smack to the ground. I don't remember much about it, except my face meeting the pavement and not being able to breathe for a few seconds. I remember looking up and seeing the contents of my purse splattered all over the road and thinking that I was blocking traffic. (The thoughts we have in these moments amaze me!)

After I could breathe again, I somehow got up and limped to the sidewalk. GameMaster helped me find somewhere to sit down and catch my breathe. He was totally freaked out - poor guy! My left knee was quickly swelling and turning all kinds of nasty shades of blue, black, purple and pink. I was much more concerned at this point about my right ankle, which yelled at me every time I tried to move it at all.

So today, I am limping with a sprained ankle and a busted knee. I'm bruised all over and quite sore. On a better note, GameMaster was affected deeply by the fall and has barely left my side with wanting to help me. He's been a total sweetheart!

So, I'm all busted up and black and blue. I'll be okay. But why is it when you type in "umbrella" to do a search for photos, it pulls up all these beach umbrellas? Boy, I'd sure love to be using one of those umbrellas today instead!!


Leeann M. Samples said...

I hope you heal quickly!! Sounds like it was a painful fall but thank goodness you didn't break anything, right!?
Be careful!
Love ya!

Lookin' Up said...

Oh no!!!! Sounds like a great time for some cuddling on the couch with your kiddos!