Monday, April 14, 2008


Have you heard the new song by Steven Curtis Chapman? It is called "Cinderella". Go here to hear it: I wish I knew how to put it on this page, but oh well!

This song makes me sad for my Princess. Lately, I've been mourning the lack of man in my children's life. I don't want one right now. I'm not ready. But they are. They need a godly man to love them and show them the way.
A week ago at church I saw two boys come up to the altar to pray during church. A few moments later I saw their dad come and pray over them. I bawled.

Later this week they are having the sex ed talk at school in GameMaster's grade. I've been the one to talk to him about all of these changes that are coming for him. It seems like it'd be good for him to have a man to talk to about it. I'm glad he can talk to me about it though.

Missy Prissy dances with me. It's fun and we both love it. Imagine how she'll feel someday when a boy will dance with her. I wish she had a godly man to dance with now...

I know that God is the father of the fatherless. And I do see ways that He takes care of my children as a father would. I guess I just want more for them - you know?

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Jennifer said...

Jason and I pray for this too.