Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Busy Day!

Today is a big busy day for us! It is all good stuff, it's just ALL on one day!!

I have my Bible Study this morning. I'm really hoping to get to go to lunch with Lisa afterwards! She's been sick and I miss her so much!

I'm picking the kids up early from school and taking them to their new school for testing. I'm not sure what to expect with this - written, oral, both?? I'm sure they will do fine. I'm more nervous about it than they are - I'm sure!

After that, we have to go and get Missy Prissy signed up for summer school. Her teacher recommended this in January and even though she is doing tremendously better, I still think it would be good for her. Today is the only day to get signed up for that.

Then GameMaster has Aikijuitsu (Martial Arts). He's loving it so much. He knows he's got to be close to getting his first colored belt (yellow). He's awaiting that with much anticipation!!

At some point in all of that, I'm hoping for enough time to do the drive-through dinner thing for them.

From now until school is out the calendar is so busy! We have all of the normal things, plus more. Besides that, it is one of my job's busiest time of the year. Which is good. I have plenty of work to do. I'm hoping to "bank" some extra to get through the summer, since the kids will be home all summer with me!

Okay, for my prayer request... You guessed it! Please pray for GameMaster. He's come home early from school twice in the last week. Both times he says he's gotten sick. Then he's fine when he gets home. I'm starting to wonder if he is making himself get sick so he can come home?!?

After today, there are 21-1/2 days left of school. Then we are out of there!!

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Leeann M. Samples said...

Phew!! I feel for you! I know exactly where you are coming from. Did you get my email last week about your dad? I hope you and he aren't upset with me.

Also, what happened with the vacuum cleaner deal on eBay?

Love ya!
LA :)