Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, Princess has the flu!! Poor baby! Strep and the flu! She feels lousy!

I'm so bummed! I had plans tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday! Saturday is the Single Mom's Conference!! I needed that so bad! It's only once a year. I hate to miss it! Sunday is my single mom's small group and church. I'll have to miss it all!

I'm just plain old mad about it!


Pam said...

I am SO, SO sorry, Mama Duck, my dear friend.

I am praying for you as you struggle and for the sweet Princess to feel better soon.

I so wish I had some wonderful words of comfort, but I do know how it is to miss things when children are sick. I will pray that the Lord meets you right where you are and gives you strength and peace amidst the illness.

Praying too that the boys don't catch it.

I'm just a phone call away if you want to vent some more : ) Email me!

Anonymous said...

R -
Have you got the Tamiflu? It is pricey...but worth it. You know "Tink" came down w/ the flu on Sunday so I had to leave the women's retreat early to come home...and missed seeing you at bells!
But, the Tamiflu really helped get rid of the fever quicker than we expected. Tink went back to school yesterday. We're all on Tamiflu to keep us from getting it, too.
Prayers for quick recovery and no more yucky germs at your house!!

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

She began the Tamiflu today. I'm hoping that it will help. She's been sick since Sunday, so it may not be within the window to help. Dr. Greg said that there is a shortage of Tamiflu right now and they've been asked not to prescribe it as a preventative. I'm praying (and washing and washing) that the boys and I won't get it.

Thanks for the encouragement and I'm so glad that Tink is doing better so quickly! I was so sorry to hear you had to leave the retreat early! Wish I could've gone!! Sounds like it was great!