Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer's Good!

We have had an incredible week and a half since school got out! No one has been in bed before 10 or 10:30, and it's been much later some nights. The boys even slept until 11am one morning!! I couldn't believe it!

We've been having so much fun together! I've been working hard during the day and the kids have been playing hard! We've spent a couple days at my parents swimming in their pool.

Today started a new chapter of our summer though. Missy Prissy started summer school for 4 weeks in the mornings at a Knox County school. Guitar Hero started a summer school program for 4 weeks in the mornings at their new school, First Baptist Academy. CandyMan is home with me (studying Wii) ;). I'm going to get some work done and try to blog again soon...

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Leeann M. Samples said...

Things sound like they are going great! Is Missy Prissy going to First Baptist Academy next year too? Where is that? How did you get summer school for her with Knox County? We tried and tried to no avail! *sigh*
LA :)