Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hoping for a Big Brother for Guitar Hero!

I have debated about doing it. Then I filled out the application online for it. Then the paperwork was completed. And then it sat on my desk. There was a section for Guitar Hero to complete. But I needed to explain it to him. And so there was a short delay. Why? I really don't know...

But today Guitar Hero completed his section of the application for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I will mail it tomorrow and be praying for a good placement for him.

I want to share with you his answers:

1. Would you like to have a BIG? Yes.

2. Why would you like to have a BIG? Because I feel that I need to be encouraged more. Because my dad has let me down so many times.

3. What would you like us to tell a BIG about you? I like video games, Yugioh cards, football, and going to baseball games."

4. If you could have one wish, what would it be? I would like a man to look out for me.

5. What would you like to be when you grow up? If I go to college and work hard, I would be an engineer. Or if I can't be an engineer, then I would like to be an archeologist.

6. Describe an adult who has made you feel good about yourself by encouraging you and being your friend. My mom makes me feel good in times when I'm down and encourages me when I need it the most. We have long talks together and big discussions."

If you read this, wouldn't you want to be a Big Brother to such a cool kid!?


Leeann M. Samples said...

What an awesome young man he is! I will be praying for just the right big brother to come along.

Pam said...

Big tears in my eyes. How I love that boy. May the Lord orchestrate the perfect relationship with his "big". I will definitely be praying as well.

Love the choice of clothing. Can't wait to hear more once he's begun his year there.

Sorry I've been absent lately. Dark clouds hanging low over my heart. Love you, friend.

Jason said...

I would love to and I wish so much that I could be a big brother to Guitar Hero. I love that guy so much.

KSchnoorRN said...

I am so glad you sent in the application. I am praying God will bring Guitar Hero and MamaDuck a Silly Dennis. I pray He will send a MAN that will pray for and enourage, a man that will redirect when Guitar Hero get of track. But, I pray the most for God to bring a man that will show all of you the love of Jesus! All in God's time!